Yes, it’s come to this…

Referendum on District 2 LDRs.

Look, we just don’t feel right about the way things went down in District 2’s zoning. We know most of you don’t either. Some are biting their tongue and claiming they are OK with the compromise. “It’s the best we can do, right?”

Wrong. We can do better. We deserve better.

We were told, we were PROMISED, no commercial would be added to downtown Jackson. We have enough already—millions of square feet yet to be used. Still, when we all went home feeling like our voice was heard, our town leaders snuck back in short-term rentals (high end condominiums) that will be rented VRBO and Airbnb to attract even more tourists, more traffic, more subsequent workforce to handle the resulting labor needs.

This was done to accommodate Think About It Jackson Hole and a few developers who are sitting on property in District 2, chomping at the bit to make their money. Once again, Jackson Hole is for sale.

Feeling sold out? So are we.

That’s why Save Historic Jackson Hole is pulling out our last resort. We will be launching a referendum if the third and final reading is passed on August 1, making this switcharoo of additional short-term commercial rental the new law. That’s not fair. Our community deserves a say in this. We did for more than two years—and we thank our town leaders for the chance to participate—but we were hoodwinked in the 11th hour. That’s not how government should work.

Want a say in how your town is run? Sign the petition. Want to get more involved? Help us collect signatures. Call Justin at (307) 690-6994and find out how you can get involved and take back your town.

Here is our ad running in the Jackson Hole Daily:

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D2 worked out; cap imposed

Jim Stanford
Jim Stanford

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Town leaders got an earful from both sides but at the end of a 4-hour meeting the council held firm to District 2 land development regulations that recently added short-term commercial potential to 15 blocks of the downtown core. In addition, elected officials also decided to enact a numerical cap that leaders felt would better ensure high-end condo development didn’t get out of hand in Jackson. A 100,000-square-foot threshold of short-term rentals was established. It was enough to satisfy councilman Jim Stanford, but Don Frank became the sole no vote as the council moved to again makeover District 2 land regs and send the ordinance back to first reading. Second reading is expected to take place July 18.

The upshot is that while short-term rentals did sneak their way back into the LDRs for District 2, the 2.4 million square feet potential of such commercial lodging will be limited to 100,000 square feet—at which time, a new ordinance would have to be passed to allow for short-term rental development to go beyond this mark.