Referendum on 2012 Comp Plan

Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, we were able to gather over 600 signatures petitioning the Town for a referendum to allow the citizens to cast their vote in favor or against the 2012 Comprehensive Plan. Summer is a busy time in Jackson Hole, but our volunteers felt strongly enough about protecting our rural way of life that they made time to help on the Referendum effort. Town adopted the 2012 Plan by Resolution in an effort to avoid a referendum. Our legal research convinced us that the Comp Plan should be adopted by Ordinance because it is an important decision that will have a long lasting impact. Since the Town has chosen to ignore the request of 611 citizens, it looks like we are headed toward a legal challenge. We will update the website as more news is available.

Comp Plan RIP?

The following Editorial ran in the Jackson Hole News and Guide on May 30, 2012. We think it is spot on and shows our fears are well founded.

“The ink hadn’t even dried before the Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan was cast aside and buried, just two weeks after adoption. On May 8, town and county officials approved the vision document to guide updating of land-use regulations. The plan calls for “high-quality mixed-use” buildings on approaches into Jackson. Last week, a developer asked town government to amend regulations to allow a drive-through restaurant along one of these town approaches. Town staff opposed the change as being in conflict with the new plan. But the Town Council agreed to the change anyway. Adoption of the amendment buttresses the fears of plan critics who say the new plan guarantees little in the way of preservation —in terms of either character or environment— while allowing incessant manipulation by those with money, power and influence.”