Is the Future Now?

One of our major criticisms of the 1994 Comprehensive Plan was that it did not address transportation issues until 2000, six long years after the Plan was adopted!  If history repeats itself, we will have to wait until 2018 to find out what changes are needed in our local roads to accommodate the growth that the 2012 Comp Plan allows.  By then it will be too late to react if the changes in the Plan are not consistent with our community’s vision of a rural community.  That is why we say it is a “Semi-Comprehensive Plan.”

We believe the delay was done on purpose.  By ignoring the painful changes that will be required, our elected leaders can perpetuate the myth that all is well.  The ongoing construction on West Broadway and the resulting traffic jams on both Broadway and Snow King Avenue indicates otherwise.

We believe that the current traffic problems on Broadway and Snow King are a view into the future problems we will have if Town is allowed to develop West Broadway and other areas at the intensity envisioned in the 2012 Plan.  Traffic will only get worse.  Our small valley cannot accommodate unlimited people.

Clever architects may be able to hide the upper levels our electeds envision, but they cannot hide the impacts like increased traffic and limited parking.