No Guest Shot

At Save Historic Jackson Hole we are always trying to get our message to the community in the most cost-effective manner. Big developments are taking place in the LDR revisions following the 2012 Comp Plan and we want citizens to know what these growth-enabling changes will bring to the valley: more people, more hotels, more businesses, more traffic.

We believe there is a finite carrying capacity for this valley and we are rapidly approaching it as lack of housing, traffic jams, and other indicators would suggest. Our latest message was denied free publication in a timely manner by the News&Guide. After consecutive Guest Shots by pro-growth individuals (the current mayor Sara Flitner and the former mayor Mark Barron) we thought it only right that an alternative voice of reason be heard. We could not get in under the Guest Shot for the 5-11-16 issue of the News&Guide so we decided to take out a paid ad.

Find it on page A22 in this week’s paper.