Jackson: Under Construction

These are the latest headlines of our community, plucked straight from the newspaper:


Gridlock is the rule…

Prostitution bust at Snow King…

Prostitution bust at Super 8…

Police make another prostitution bust at Cowboy Village

Three busted for meth in Jackson

Teenage abuse of drugs a worry

Manhunt is on for local man wanted for vehicular homicide

Motel assault…

Jackson man in jail, arrested for battery

Fugitive in auto death…

Slate smacks of big city politics

Gill Addition house shows changing Jackson

Hit and run caught on camera


It’s sad what we are becoming.

Not every news story is an indication we are on the way to big city blight, of course, but that’s exactly how small town communities like ours slip away. Little by little, we pave our own road to ruin—all the while making excuses. “One more hotel. One more highway lane. One more tax hike.”

We only get one chance to mess this place up.

Don’t let it be on our watch.


“God bless Wyoming, and keep it wild.” Helen Mettler 1925