Tax Tanks

Was it merely resistance to a tax hike?
Was it reluctance to hand our local leaders a blank check and trust the money will make it’s way to housing and transportation?
Was it a rejection of the socialist aspect of government-provided housing for the middle class?
Was it the trickery and deceitfulness employed by town and county officials, who were so desperate to develop another funding source they insisted this was not a tax increase when it was obvious that most voters saw through that?

It could have been a number of things, but the fact remains: the people have spoken. If we are to address our housing shortage and traffic challenges we will have to do so with a careful, measured approach that involves more than just throwing money at the problems.
As in the referendum, once again Save Historic Jackson Hole feels so very fortunate that the intentions of the majority were heard, acknowledged, and triumphant.
It’s time to move forward, as a community dedicated to retaining our small town, western charm.

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