Into a new era

Some old, some new…local government takes shape for 2017.


Natalia D. Macker (L) and Greg Epstein (R) sworn in for their four-year terms on the Board of County Commissioners.

At the Board of County Commissioner meeting, Greg Epstein and Natalia D. Macker were sworn in for the start of their four-year termsĀ as commissioners. It was Macker’s first election victory despite having two years under her belt. She was tapped to replace outgoing Melissa Turley in 2015. It’s Epstein’s first foray into politics. Both Macker and Epstein are Democrats. The BCC is now Paul Vogelheim-R, Smokey Rhea-D, Mark Newcomb-D, Natalia D. Macker-D, and Greg Epstein-D. Newcomb was named chair, and Macker named vice-chair by a vote of the board.

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Mark Newcomb
Natalia D. Macker
Greg Epstein
Smokey Rhea
Paul Vogelheim


Hailey Morton Levinson (L), Pete Muldoon (C), and Jim Stanford (R) take oath of office for the Town Council on January 3, 2017.

At the first town council meeting of the year, two familiar faces were re-sworn to the council and a new mayor was seated. Hailey Morton Levinson and Jim Stanford both vowed under oath to uphold the duties of town council for another two years, each. Mayor Sara Flitner handed the reins to Jackson to Pete Muldoon, who will serve the city’s first four-year term. The council consists of Bob Lenz, Don Frank, Jim Stanford, Hailey Morton Levinson, and Mayor Pete Muldoon.

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Pete Muldoon
Jim Stanford
Don Frank
Hailey Morton Levinson
Bob Lenz