Letter to the Editor nails it

Wow, did Kent Fiske every hit it on the head with his letter to the editor in the March 22 weekly News&Guide.

Fiske captures a lot of what Save Historic Jackson Hole has been saying recently. As we head to the polls May 2 for a special SPET election, let’s all think long and hard about what projects deserve our hard-earned tax money.

Fisk’s letter to the editor:

Major disconnect
More, more, please sir, may I have some more? More traffic, more crowds, more congestion at trails and trailheads, more roadkill, more taxes?
There seems to be a major disconnect between what the voters explicitly vote for and the way our elected officials are trying to address community problems. They are asking us to pay more for things that encourage growth. I’m not against growth by any means, but growth should increase the quality of life for everyone in the community, not just a few investors. Growth should make the community better, rather than just making for more community.
With growth it should be easier to find a place to live.
With growth taxes per person should go down because of the increased tax base. With proper growth traffic should decrease since people can structure life to live closer to work and there would be less back and forth and round about.
Growth should provide greater diversity opportunities for recreational and cultural resources.
And with more growth we need greater protection for wildlife and its habitat.
Who would not want this? But if we aren’t meeting criteria for proper growth, what are we doing wrong? Why are we letting others take advantage of us and requiring us to pay for their impacts?
—Kent Fiske (Jackson)