News story questions our whole way of thinking when it comes to housing

Brian Siegfried, a real estate agent and former member of the Housing Authority Board, had some very interesting things to say in an article published by The Planet recently.

A few of the highlights we thought pertinent:

But some worry any new developments, no matter how dire the need, also come with consequence. New developments, Brian Siegfried said, are merely putting fingers in an overflowing dam. Real housing progress, he argued, requires a complete shift in the conversation, and it might require questioning how much growth Jackson can stand.

And this one:

Any new development or housing solution, Siegfried said, still encourages growth. Housing 10 or 20 or 90 people in the short-term is great for those people—but how many new people does it invite? And how many jobs does it create for other people who will inevitably need housing? “If we approve that, or anything, we should also be talking about how many more workers can be invited,” he said.

We could not agree more. What do you think?