Report card for 2017

Voters have repeatedly said they want a livable Jackson Hole. And in 2017 Save Historic Jackson Hole once again stood with them. First, we can report that our weekly “Other Side of the Story” articles continue to receive positive feedback. Originally we planned to run for just 6 weeks, highlighting news and opinion that is under-reported by local media.

Here is the Other Side of the Story for January 10:

Report card for 2017

1 thought on “Report card for 2017

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      I think your advertisements are just great.

      Here’s a suggestion: as we get closer to the next election for town and county, why don’t you guys prepare a list of Principals that candidates could pledge themselves to. You could then maybe get a grassroots efforts underway to support those candidates and tank the rest, regardless of party, under the guise of getting back our government.

      In any case, I really appreciate your excellent efforts.


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