Last Week to Submit Written Comments on Character Districts

In early December, the proposed Character District Chapter for the new Comprehensive Plan was released. Unfortunately, this chapter of the plan fell short in providing the level of specificity and predictability that the community has consistently requested.

Here are some major reasons it falls short:
1) The public has consistently asked for estimated buildout ranges by district. It appears we will not get those numbers until after the Plan is approved. How can we accept a Plan when we do not know what it plans for?
2) The Plan proposes to generally increase density in selected areas and proposes to lower density in other areas. However, there is limited detail and contradictory information on how this will be accomplished. It is also unclear what the net impact will be.
3) There is still confusing language. In many cases the intent of the new plan is not clear.
4) The new plan proposes unrealistic implementation strategies to address the impacts of new growth and ignores looking at the costs of new growth.

Voice your concerns to elected officials and planning commissioners by January 3rd. You can make comments at: (Final workshops with the planning commissions kick off on January 11.)

See Planners Corner for SHJH’s latest on the Comp Plan.

Character Districts Phase II Wraps Up – A Frank Assessment

On November 1, planners concluded a weeklong effort to gain community input on the latest draft maps. Based on the nature of community workshops, Save Historic Jackson Hole has some major concerns:

  • The process seemed to be designed to lead people to a predetermined conclusion.
  • Information at the meetings was filtered and may not be recorded correctly.
  • In some cases the facilitator debated with members of the public instead of recording their comments.
  • The information gathered at the meetings will be interpreted by staff before it is reported to the electeds.
  • So far, the maps do not provide information that is meaningful or predictable.

Read here for more details.


Make Your Voice Heard

Beginning Thursday, October 27, the planning team and our elected officials will begin to gather public input on Phase II of the Character Districts.

It’s important for our elected officials to hear, once again, that our community does not support additive growth. With so much development already in the pipeline, adding the potential for more growth in what is supposed to be a 10-15 year plan makes no sense.

We need to protect our rural community and small mountain town. Please consider attending a community workshop or speaking directly to your elected officials. While you may be frustrated about giving your input once again, this is an essential time to speak up.

This is your plan. Provide comments in the way you feel most comfortable. Ask questions. Be specific as possible and ask that the Character District portion of the plan provide the predictability that the community is looking for.

For the latest on the Comp Plan see: Planners Corner > Comp Plan > Ad Series: Comp Plan #1, Ad Series: Comp Plan #2

Character Districts: Phase II Begins on October 27

In late October, Phase Two of the Character District process will get underway. Public meetings are scheduled for October 27,28,29,31 and November 1. These meetings will focus on defining the desired character for the various districts discussed in Phase One of the process.

For a description of the Character District process released by the planning team, click here.

Recap: In late September, Phase One of the Character District Development process came to a close. The planning team held two days of open house workshops to identify district boundaries for “complete neighborhoods” and “rural areas”.


Character Districts Kick Off

On September 13th, elected officials held their first joint information meeting to discuss the Character District mapping process, which is scheduled to take place over the next few months. Members of the Jackson Hole community look to this next step to provide predictability within the new comprehensive plan. What happens this fall will ultimately determine the success of the plan.
To view Save Historic Jackson Hole’s perspective on the Character Districts, which was recently published as a guest shot in the Jackson Hole News and Guide, click here.

SHJH Announces Kristy Bruner Contracted to Evaluate Comp Plan

Save Historic Jackson Hole is pleased to announce that we have contracted with Kristy Bruner to evaluate the Comprehensive Plan as we enter into the critical final phase, the Character District Maps.

The long and drawn out planning process began in 2007 and has tested the public’s patience with its many twists and turns. The public has often depended on the evaluation and opinion of Kristy to make sense of the process because it became so complicated, beginning as an update and emerging as a completely new plan 4-years later.

Kristy has the credentials, training and experience to evaluate the proposed Plan and how it changes the intent of our current 1994 Plan.

“We are excited to have Kristy working with us as we enter this critical final phase of the Comprehensive Plan process. She is highly regarded in the community and a very valuable asset. SHJH is committed to working with the community and elected officials to develop the best possible Joint Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Jackson and Teton County. Kristy has been a vital part of that effort to date and it is essential that her participation continues without interruption. She is a natural fit with our organization and its mission to preserve our rural character, champion community interests, promote responsible planning and development, and respect nature.”

Armond Acri, Executive Director of SHJH