SHJH Announces Kristy Bruner Contracted to Evaluate Comp Plan

Save Historic Jackson Hole is pleased to announce that we have contracted with Kristy Bruner to evaluate the Comprehensive Plan as we enter into the critical final phase, the Character District Maps.

The long and drawn out planning process began in 2007 and has tested the public’s patience with its many twists and turns. The public has often depended on the evaluation and opinion of Kristy to make sense of the process because it became so complicated, beginning as an update and emerging as a completely new plan 4-years later.

Kristy has the credentials, training and experience to evaluate the proposed Plan and how it changes the intent of our current 1994 Plan.

“We are excited to have Kristy working with us as we enter this critical final phase of the Comprehensive Plan process. She is highly regarded in the community and a very valuable asset. SHJH is committed to working with the community and elected officials to develop the best possible Joint Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Jackson and Teton County. Kristy has been a vital part of that effort to date and it is essential that her participation continues without interruption. She is a natural fit with our organization and its mission to preserve our rural character, champion community interests, promote responsible planning and development, and respect nature.”

Armond Acri, Executive Director of SHJH