Jackson Hole is the “Last of the Old West” and we think it should stay that way. We advocate responsible planning and development, strong community values, and respect for nature. We support our local neighborhoods in their desire to keep their character. We want to remain a sustainable community not dependent on growth.

What We Support:

Property Rights: Landowners have property rights and they can develop their property within the law.

Planning: We support measured growth that serves our community. We rely on our current 1994 Comprehensive Plan for guidance.

Community: Our community is historic and unique; it serves those who live here. Balance and diversity keep us vital and healthy.

Values: Truth, Fairness, Right Conduct, Peace, and Love guide us in keeping Jackson Hole a good place to work and raise a family.

Nature: We are a part of nature. We live in harmony with our natural surroundings. For many of us, that’s what keeps us in Jackson Hole.

Local Officials: Our local officials often make great sacrifices to serve us and we are grateful for their service.

What We’re Not:

Property Rights: We have never been “no growth” advocates that resist renewal and change. Change is the way of life.

Planning: We have no quarrel with the vast majority of planning proposals.

Community: We are not against growth and actually think change is healthy and necessary for renewal.

Values: We are not against any people or group of people. We embrace diversity and don’t dislike developers.

Nature: We don’t place ecology above or below the needs of our local citizens. Harmony and sharing our environment guide us.

Local Officials: We aren’t against any local departments or agencies or persons in those agencies. We respect their hard work.