Last Week to Submit Written Comments on Character Districts

In early December, the proposed Character District Chapter for the new Comprehensive Plan was released. Unfortunately, this chapter of the plan fell short in providing the level of specificity and predictability that the community has consistently requested.

Here are some major reasons it falls short:
1) The public has consistently asked for estimated buildout ranges by district. It appears we will not get those numbers until after the Plan is approved. How can we accept a Plan when we do not know what it plans for?
2) The Plan proposes to generally increase density in selected areas and proposes to lower density in other areas. However, there is limited detail and contradictory information on how this will be accomplished. It is also unclear what the net impact will be.
3) There is still confusing language. In many cases the intent of the new plan is not clear.
4) The new plan proposes unrealistic implementation strategies to address the impacts of new growth and ignores looking at the costs of new growth.

Voice your concerns to elected officials and planning commissioners by January 3rd. You can make comments at: (Final workshops with the planning commissions kick off on January 11.)

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