Moose-Wilson discussed

Moose-Wilson Road meeting

County commissioners are being offered a chance to sit down with Park Service officials including Superintendent David Vela, his deputy Kevin Schneider, and management assistant Gary Pollock. The discussion is covering everything about the NPS preferred Alternative C: How did they come up with it? What do they still want to hear as far as feedback? What is set in stone and what cam change?

Vela said feedback during the first round of scoping topped 1,000 comments. The second phase of scoping, which Vela said was not required for the EIS, elicited 2,600 comments. The current third and final chance for public comment has been extended to January 30, 2016; park officials have received to date more than 2,700 comments, Vela said.

JHMR president Jerry Blann is on hand in the front row flanked by Melissa Turley and his lawyer.

Others in the community have turned out in numbers as well.

Vela said after analyzing feedback from public a decision should be forthcoming by Fall 2016. Stay tuned.



It’s interesting. Every single person who spoke at public comment began the same way: They started off professing the importance of preserving such a unique and crucial section of park – the resources, the wildlife, the habitat, etc. “We love the park and especially Moose-Wilson corridor” each person said. Eventually came the “but.”

“But we want this…”

“But we want that…”

Each member of the public began well-meaning and then crammed their own wishlist into the EIS plan. Bike paths, buses, parking, road-widening, shortcut to the airport, etc.

Former GTNP spokesperson said it best in Save Historic Jackson Hole’s opinion.

“I plead with you to look at history and the battles fought that eventually led to the creation of the park. The very principles of conservation,” Anzelmo said. “We have something here that is singularly unique, and everyone can’t have everything they want. You are at a very special point in history; you this board. More than any other board at any other time in history.”