Commercial buildout

Faced with staying put with 1994 Comp Plan numbers that included 5.1 million square feet of commercial potential in the town and county, joint leaders were feeling pressure to increase these numbers. Some groups advocated for more nonresidential buildout while others — like Save Historic Jackson Hole — rallied against more commercial being added to the downtown District 2.

Town electeds heard our voice. They changed their minds and, together with the county commissioners, voted unanimously to hold to what nonresidential currently exists on the books. It’s a sensible solution.

SHJH was also successful in changing the minds of the council regarding parking spaces for residential properties in D2. Only one space was going to be required for a downtown apartment regardless of how many bedrooms it had. It is unrealistic to assume a family or multiple families renting a 3BR unit would have only one car. Regulations were changed upped to one vehicle per bedroom (2 max).

But it’s not over yet. Individuals and organizations like Think About It, Jackson Hole are rallying to have the vote overturned or changed. The LDR revision must go through three readings to become a regulation. It is expected to meet stiff opposition at every step.

First reading is Monday, June 6, at 6 p.m. in town hall chambers. SHJH would love for you to make this meeting if only to show support for what town officials have already decided, and to make sure they don’t get their mind’s changed at the last minute by special interest groups.