Our latest ad

In case you missed it. This is SHJH’s latest ad urging voters not to pass a sales tax increase in order to continue a plan of massive buildout, and traffic-generating growth. Tax-and-spend is not the answer to our overcrowding and traffic issues.

A failed housing department was given a vote of “no confidence” when town and county officials yanked phase 3 of The Grove from their own agency and handed it to Habitat for Humanity—at even greater cost than the Housing Authority was proposing.

Now elected officials want to fund their failed department again. With even more money. By taxing you.

Don’t aid this wasteful practice of paying for a housing agency that hasn’t put enough units on the ground to make a difference, and certainly has not done it cost-effectively. And don’t agree to pay even more for a bus system that runs a bloated budget now without noticeably taking any cars off the road (1% of traffic reduction is the current estimate by START’s own numbers.)