SPET results

Voters prudently chose to spend $34M in tax money to support six of the 10 propositions on the SPET ballot.


5,983 total votes cast

13,173 registered voters
South Highway 89 PASS 63%-37%

#1 Purchase of START buses FAIL 42%-58%

#2 Parks and Rec housing PASS 55%-45%

#3 CWC PASS 54%-46%

#4 Sidewalks PASS 51%-49%

#5 Rec Center maintenance PASS 64%-36%

#6 START Bus housing FAIL 43%-57%

#7 Redmond-Hall rentals FAIL 49%-51%

#8 START Bus facility FAIL 34%-66%

#9 Fire Stations PASS 72%-28%

#10 St. John’s Living Center PASS 69%-31%


Housing and transportation initiatives met with predictable failure yet elected officials say they continue to be baffled by the results.

MESSAGE: Yes, we might have a housing problem but subsidized housing is not the answer. There may not be an answer.

And yes we have traffic congestion in the summer especially, but buses are not the answer, either.

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