Housing Fix

Local government keeps ‘solving’ the housing problem, but it isn’t getting solved. It’s getting worse. It’s much worse today than when they first started ‘solving’ it over two decades ago. Maybe they’ve taken the wrong approach. It’s
tough to solve an economic problem while ignoring economics. Truth is, local government’s real objective is
growth – more, always more. Our tight housing market is the result of their big-growth agenda. Of course, politicians don’t run on a ‘big-growth’ platform; if they did, they wouldn’t get elected. Instead, they focus on solving the housing problem

Here is the Other Side of the Story for October 4:

Housing Fix

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      Love the newspaper ads. Keep up the good work. The “other side of the story” is underrepresented and overly on point. Reminds me of the days when the PlanetJH newspaper actually allowed anonymous comments and you got all side talking.

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