Swindling the People’s Penny

SPET 2019 is a radical change. The community was locked-out of the process. Our electeds killed the community-driven SPET. They began innocently, saying: We need a couple small projects to keep the 1-penny SPET tax alive. We electeds will do the small 2019 projects. Later we’ll have community-driven SPETs again. Didn’t happen! Here is the Other Side of the Story […]

Shrink the Housing Department

Jackson’s housing exactions are being challenged, and rightfully so. When given a choice, voters refuse to fund housing. They keep saying NO. But our electeds don’t listen. They keep ‘hunting’ the money wherever they can find it. Our Housing Department was expanded two years ago (exactly what voters didn’t want). Pure folly. We now need to shrink it again–limit it […]