A New Housing Authority

Save Historic Jackson Hole is very skeptical of the latest plan from the commissioners and councilors. Electeds have acknowledged that the current Housing Authority has sometimes ran roughshod in their pursuit of questionable projects that don’t seem to put enough low-income housing on the ground and, in the case of The Grove, have run into cost overruns. Their solution is leaning toward doubling the size of the Housing Authority by creating a new government department under the leadership of a new hire (Housing Director) who is expected to earn up to $161k a year.
The existing Housing Authority will be responsible for simply managing what affordable housing units are already on the ground. This is worrisome. The two organizations will undoubtedly butt heads. Adding to the annual $810k housing authority budget doesn’t seem to be a solution either.
Their isn’t even dedicated and sustainable funding in place yet for housing. And that’s another issue. Are we prepared to tax ourselves to fill a few more government cubicles?