Town explores renter protection laws

Plans to explore some kind of renter’s protection in Jackson Hole are underway. Mayor-elect Pete Muldoon is leading the charge to try to see how the town can get involved through ordinance or other methods of drawing up laws that could cap rents or provide more recourses for tenants when dealing with property-owning landlords. While SHJH is troubled by landlords who abuse their tenants, we believe adequate recourses are available to renters currently under state statute and any additional laws enacted to “protect” renters could actually harm landlords.


SHJH recently participated in an article by Planet Jackson Hole. Our quotes are highlighted here:


There have been several vocal opponents to perceived expansion of local government. One of the more prominent groups is Save Historic Jackson Hole. However, even SHJH is alarmed by news of some local rental practices.

SHJH’s Jake Nichols stated in an email that the organization is generally opposed to renter protections and they feel state statutes offer enough protection for both owners and renters.

However, SHJH is troubled by isolated incidents of unfair evictions, subpar, unhealthy or unsafe living conditions, or fear of retaliation for repair requests. Nichols reminded that landlords can be “victims of inconsiderate renters who bolt from their agreements or cause damage to property that is ultimately the owner’s responsibility.” A lease is beneficial for all parties, he added, and rental caps are acceptable for government subsidized and government provided housing.