Well, that didn’t take long

Remember that promise not increase our sales tax with this November’s proposed additional one penny general sales that town and county officials hope will fund housing and transportation issues? Our leaders are already considering reneging on that because they need money for their bus barn apartment complex in Karns Meadow.

The project will house up to 67 government employees in 24 units as part of an 18,250-square-foot expansion of the big city mass transit depot in the last remaining pristine and riparian area of Jackson. Electeds like what they’ve seen so far of the design presented by Jorgensen Associates. There’s only one problem: paying for it.

Design costs alone are projected at $640,740. Build out in today’s dollars is estimated at $6.9 million.

Where will town and county officials get that kind of money? From us, the taxpayer, of course. According to agenda documents prepared for today’s Joint Information Meeting to discuss the START Bus Housing Project, alternative #7 identifies SPET as one possible source.

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Spending spree on housing begins

housing moneyThe town council has decided they will wait no longer. They will not wait on whether or not a Housing Authority ever reshapes into anything trustworthy. They will not wait to see if voters will decide to tax themselves so government can build subsidized housing for the less fortunate in JH which includes (by the mayor’s definition) $500,000 homes for lawyers who make a million dollars a year.
The town council has already forked over $1.65 million to the Housing Trust for the workforce rental project slated for Redmond and Hall. Town leaders said they could scrape up another $2 million from the budget. The Trust said thanks, but that’s still not enough. They want a total of $6 million from the town and/or county by next summer before they will begin construction on what Mayor Sara Flitner called a “top priority” project.

At a budgeted $12 million, total, the 27 units would work out to a subsidized $444,444 each.

We enjoyed Cody Brinton’s response to the news story on this in the News&Guide.

We reprint here:

Cody Brinton takes aim at taxpayer waste.
Cody Brinton takes aim at taxpayer waste.

“Mayor Flitnor I’d like to remind you this is the USA and not france and not socialism—The government has no business in the housing industry– a couple of points— If the politicos where serious about solving the housing shortage they would remove much regulation– they would allow trailer parks so Juan- Jane and Jerry could buy there own homes- have pride in ownership and some skin in the tax paying game– I promise you this—you are running folks out by raising taxes to cover others housing– It is not my responsibility as a tax payer to help the resorts and tomahawk shops have employees— cut regulation so they build their own employee housing. Your bed tax is working your driving more people here and not using the money for the services needed. If you raise my sales tax— I wont buy anything but groceries and when our defunct legislators put a food tax on I will commute to purchase it— Your like a bunch of pick pocketing horse thieves stealing tax dollars to create housing that devalues my home– Not one more penny of my tax dollar to house ANYONE– The resorts can block out rooms for their employees but your not going to reach into my pocket to help them attain high profits! In matter of a few weeks utilities could be laid for mobile homes– easily several hundred spots could be open for people fill- the problem is you think these ugly poorly constructed homes your putting up are superior to modern mobil homes— and your wrong.”

— Cody Brinton