Path of Resistance

Keep Moose-Wilson pastoralPerhaps it’s simply a sign of the times we live in when a 700-page document is still not enough to appease some. When Friends of Pathways (FOP) and Teton Village Association (TVA) didn’t have things go their way at the secret meeting with Park Service officials over the Moose-Wilson Road, they lawyered up.

FOP and TVA say they are just “helping” the Park Service by providing their own 22-page analysis courtesy of hired guns Holland & Hart. Truth be told, it looks more like a threat of litigation.

The general public is overwhelmingly on board with the NPS preferred Alternative C that does not include a bicycle pathway through the Moose-Wilson corridor. Elected leaders from the town and county, despite pressure from FOP and TVA, are also in accord.

The Park Service has done its due diligence. The National Environmental Policy Act process has been thorough and exhaustive.

Outdoor author Becky Woods said it perfectly at a recent public meeting.

“Luckily, you [electeds] have the foresight to realize the park is to be managed in perpetuity for future generations that include all Americans and not regional and local interests solely,” Woods said.

To be clear: We are not against bikers or biking. But a dedicated biking lane in Moose-Wilson is selfish, dangerous, and contrary to the pristine nature of a habitat-rich corridor that deserves upmost protection by the Park Service. We are not opposed to Teton Village leaders making a buck. But Moose-Wilson Road is not their driveway. It belongs to ALL people.

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      Why is this such a big deal?! Pave that crappy, over traveled tourist road and put in a bike path. It would be beautiful and link the amazing path to moose. WTF? It’s our park and bikers/walkers deserve to have safe access!

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      Absolutely right on. The road is probably one of the most incredible wildlife coraclors that can be enjoyed by wildlife and people in a respectful manor. Anymore travel, vehicular o bike, des turbos this environment. Once lost it can’t be returned to its current state. How selfish of the few local residents and village

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      Teton County has an interest in making sure that traffic isn’t impeded on Moose/Wilson Road. The only way to solve our traffic problem is to make sure that valley roads connect where possible, and that they are built to the proper capacity to handle the traffic.

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