Not on board

Is throwing millions of dollars into Jackson Hole’s mass transit system going to get people to ride the bus?

Are you ready to hand over your car keys to the city slicker government that wants you to walk, ride, or bike to work?

Hey we love saving the environment as much as the next person, and traffic has become impossible. But the idea that a solution lies in tax-and-spend programs that will buy more buses, hire more people to drive them, and build a bigger bus barn to keep them warm in, is ludicrous.

We are not all on the bus with this tax that will generate $36 million for START Bus over the next 4 years.


Our latest ad…


Jackson: Under Construction

These are the latest headlines of our community, plucked straight from the newspaper:


Gridlock is the rule…

Prostitution bust at Snow King…

Prostitution bust at Super 8…

Police make another prostitution bust at Cowboy Village

Three busted for meth in Jackson

Teenage abuse of drugs a worry

Manhunt is on for local man wanted for vehicular homicide

Motel assault…

Jackson man in jail, arrested for battery

Fugitive in auto death…

Slate smacks of big city politics

Gill Addition house shows changing Jackson

Hit and run caught on camera


It’s sad what we are becoming.

Not every news story is an indication we are on the way to big city blight, of course, but that’s exactly how small town communities like ours slip away. Little by little, we pave our own road to ruin—all the while making excuses. “One more hotel. One more highway lane. One more tax hike.”

We only get one chance to mess this place up.

Don’t let it be on our watch.


“God bless Wyoming, and keep it wild.” Helen Mettler 1925

Our latest ad

In case you missed it. This is SHJH’s latest ad urging voters not to pass a sales tax increase in order to continue a plan of massive buildout, and traffic-generating growth. Tax-and-spend is not the answer to our overcrowding and traffic issues.

A failed housing department was given a vote of “no confidence” when town and county officials yanked phase 3 of The Grove from their own agency and handed it to Habitat for Humanity—at even greater cost than the Housing Authority was proposing.

Now elected officials want to fund their failed department again. With even more money. By taxing you.

Don’t aid this wasteful practice of paying for a housing agency that hasn’t put enough units on the ground to make a difference, and certainly has not done it cost-effectively. And don’t agree to pay even more for a bus system that runs a bloated budget now without noticeably taking any cars off the road (1% of traffic reduction is the current estimate by START’s own numbers.)



Wildlife deserves more

Do we really care about wildlife?

Time and again, we as a community make it clear that we cherish our natural resources, our open spaces, our pristine environment, and most of all, our wildlife.


Many of the growth-enabling moves we see our electeds make appear to be in opposition to wildlife. How can adding more hotels, more condo rentals, and more housing benefit wildlife? These things out more and more vehicles on the road and create a massacre situation on our highways for elk, door, moose, and other animals.

Well, that didn’t take long

Remember that promise not increase our sales tax with this November’s proposed additional one penny general sales that town and county officials hope will fund housing and transportation issues? Our leaders are already considering reneging on that because they need money for their bus barn apartment complex in Karns Meadow.

The project will house up to 67 government employees in 24 units as part of an 18,250-square-foot expansion of the big city mass transit depot in the last remaining pristine and riparian area of Jackson. Electeds like what they’ve seen so far of the design presented by Jorgensen Associates. There’s only one problem: paying for it.

Design costs alone are projected at $640,740. Build out in today’s dollars is estimated at $6.9 million.

Where will town and county officials get that kind of money? From us, the taxpayer, of course. According to agenda documents prepared for today’s Joint Information Meeting to discuss the START Bus Housing Project, alternative #7 identifies SPET as one possible source.

Read more in today’s edition of Jackson Hole Media.